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We are a department of Mountain Projects, Inc. Community Action Agency. We provide prevention services throughout the seven far Western North Carolina counties.

What We Do

The Prevention Team provides substance misuse prevention services designed to help reduce the impact associated with alcohol, tobacco, and other drug misuse and promote safer, low risk choices for a healthier community. Our team provides technical assistance and support to local community groups by promoting techniques and strategies that are proven effective. We build local capacity for prevention, as we believe local solutions improve local conditions.

How We Are Funded

How We Do It

Provide information—Health Fairs, Billboards, Newspaper Articles, Informational Brochures, Group Presentations, etc.

Enhance skills—Courses, curricula, workshops, strategic planning, technical assistance to local coalitions

Provide support—Support communities in providing substance-free activities for youth and families. Encourage communities to advocate for prevention, treatment, and recovery.

Enhance access/reduce barriers—Promote outreach to establish beneficial connections between people and organizations

Change consequences—Promote interventions for high risk choices. – Ex. 12 hour Prime for Life classes (fee based)

Change design—Physical change or clean up of targeted areas

Modify/change policies—Work to change local practices and policies

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